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~ by bren1audio on July 10, 2012.

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  1. I purchased a pristine vintage Thorens TD166 MkII turntable for my daughters boyfriend after he expressed a desire to get-into vinyl like the rest of my family. So I bought the Bren1 clamp to go with his NOS turntable primarily because the brushed aluminum finish coordinated with the brushed stainless top of the Thorens TT. When the Bren 1 arrived, I was impressed by the NASA-quality machine work. The weight is absolutely optimal for spinning vinyl not too heavy (like the Thorens weight) not too light … just enough to anchor the vinyl without burning-out bearings. It looks SO SEXY sitting up on the platter. Dang ! Beautiful design. Now I don’t want to give the Thorens set-up to her stupid boyfriend … hmmmm ? I am so glad that I made this purchase, and feel especially good that I could buy this direct from a boutique USA fabricator. I will probably buy another one or two for the family. Totally happy !

  2. I took delivery of a Bren1 record clamp and two Vida Interconnects about a week ago, Tried the record clamp first and immediately noticed an improvement in delineation, focus and bass resolution. Sweet. I placed one pair of Vida’s between my DAC and preamp, and the second between the preamp and power amp the day I received them, but didn’t have time to really evaluate them, and just had the system at a low level for a couple of hours for a few evenings during the week.

    But yesterday was when I really sat down to listen closely. All I can say is that these cables have transformed my system. Whereas before I always had a nagging disappointment with my DAC, now it’s like an entirely new and improved component. Indeed everything has taken an enormous leap in realism and musicality. Another curtain has been drawn away from between the music and the listener. The record clamp is very good, but the cables are astonishing. Outstanding products that I won’t hesitate to recommend!

  3. Have been using the Bren1 record clamp since last september and I am amazed at the difference. I’ve only been back to vinyl for a few years now but when I put the clamp on my project debut tt, it made a real difference in the old used records I’ve been buying at second hand record stores that are popping up now. The project tt plugged into my 222B Scott intergrated amp and klipsch heresy II speakers really benefit from the Bren1 clamp. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but tried it and haven’t looked back.

  4. Scott-

    The Bren 1 record clamp is a superior product, especially for the price. I received this item in a timely manner & have been thoroughly pleased & impressed ever since. I’ve tried other record weights, but always disappointed until now. My LP’s sound more clearer & richer. Bravo, sir…&, yes, I will be spreading the word to fellow audiophiles about this fine product.

  5. 2 weeks delivery is promised, the Bren1 Record Clamp arrived safely. The clamp is such a beauty. As much as it looks, the clamp also improves my vinyl sound. Listening to Dave Brubeck’s Take Five on my Sansui SR 222 MKIV, I have heard a deeper sound stage, dynamic and some inner details that I did not hear before. Overall I am very happy with it. Totally recommended! Thanks Scott!

  6. I decided to go with the Bren weight because of its reputation in the audio community.. It’s contemporary turning and material.coexists well with other TT components without stealing the show. It’s made my TD 125 MK2 look balanced and beautiful, and of course it stabilizes my vinyl.
    Nice product!

  7. Scott

    I really like my new Bren1 record clamp, both aesthetically and functionally with regards to quality of playback. Attached is a picture of it on my Denon DP-300F TT. Thanks

    Gerard Reyna

  8. Take advantage of our free shipping special on cables….ending next month
    so hurry..entire order ships free with cable purchase.

  9. Hi Scott, I was waiting to get my Groovetracer sub platter and delrin platter installed before I commented on the Bren1. my first listen was to the two Groovetracer products, and do a super job. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I slipped the Bren1 on to the spindle of my Rega Planar 25 and WOW. Everything got better. Imaging was more defined. Bass was fuller and tighter with more impact and overall balance was smoother and more even. Thanks for a great, well made product that doesn’t break the bank.

  10. Scott,

    I am really impressed! I am proud of you! Val

  11. 6/28/2012 7:18:43 PM

    On Holiday July 1st through 5th

    We will be on vacation during this time. Shipping will resume on July 6th.
    Thanks again for the support everyone has given us..

  12. Bren1 Record Clamp & Stylus Cleaning Kit

    I purchased a Bren1 Record Clamp and the Stylus Cleaning Kit. The clamp is elegant and the stylus cleaning system is elegantly simple and effective! It is difficult for me to address the sonic improvement as my system, at this point, is not as good as my hearing. What the clamp does for me is to flatten the LP and lock it to the platter. My experience is that most records have at least a slight dome effect when put on the platter. when I use the Bren1 Clamp I can see the record flatten out and that has got to be a good thing. Also, it is a beautifully made piece of equipment. I would like to mention how easy it is to place the Clamp over the spindle without hunting and searching. It just seem to gravitate onto the spindle! That is by design. I wish I could always find the spindle as easily with my records. My 1977 Yamaha CR2020 looks forward to the day when it will again roar through something like the ESS Heil AMT 1B Monitors which, most unfortunately, I no longer have. When that day arrives I will report back with what I hear my record clamp do for me. Buy Bren1 products as they are absolutely top notch!(and fun to use)

  13. Spam on Blog

    Because of the ease of posting here there has been alot of spamming lately.
    Hopefully I can correct this problem soon.
    I’m currently deleting spam every day so please leave your comments.
    Bren1 Audio

  14. Record Clamp

    The Bren1 Record Clamp is a beautiful addition to my vintage Sansui SR-838 table. Improved the sound quality and looks fantastic!

  15. Vida Interconnects

    Scott calls them Vidas, I call them the missing link. I had been using some very highly reviewed/regarded rca cables between my preamp and amp. The sound I derived from them was unusually harsh and bright with poor soundstage imaging. On a hunch, I ordered a pair of Vida interconnects to see if they might sound better. All I can say is WOW. I have put about 50-60 hours on them, and have been nothing but impressed. With just one pair of properly engineered interconnects, my listening experience has become very enjoyable once more. The Vidas provide excellent imaging, great musicality and detail, with what sounds to me like a very wide bandwith, dynamics, and a flat frequency response. They were truly the missing link in my system. Great materials, and excellent workmanship, I will be ordering more. Thank you Scott!

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